Art Of Gez Taylor

Gez Taylor - Shepherd of Souls. A video by Megan Roberts

Mural artist and author Gerard Taylor - known to his friends as Gez - was born 1951 in London to immigrant parents. Gerard’s father was a South African sailor and his mother was from Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Both came to London, met and got married during World War II.

Gez was raised in London, where he married Linda at age of 17. Together they had 4 children, adopted one child and fostered 220. His working life started in the Merchant Navy. After sailing around the world, Gez was employed as a gardener working in the gardens of stately homes.

In 1980 he became a mural artist working on projects in countries such as Italy, Saudi Arabia, Barbados and the USA. Gez was forced to give up his mural work in 2010 when he lost the sight in one eye. Ironically this illness gave Gez the opportunity to bring the knowledge and skills he had learnt to create a body of artwork for his book, But For Ireland, I'd Not Tell Her Name, 30 years after its conception.

Gez now lives in Cornwall and is still painting and writing. His book can be obtained from the publishers or from the European Amazon outlets. Here is a short video explaining the origins of this book...